Waiting list for public launch

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Pre-orders target late Q1-2024

Hi everyone!

Hope you're doing well and diving into fresh, exciting projects. A big thanks for the fantastic interest and unwavering support for LIT DUO 1. Your patience as we develop this means a lot.

Good news: We plan to kick off pre-orders in late Q1-2024. We'll share more about shipping closer to that date.

We're pushing hard to bring LIT DUO 1 to you. When crafting hardware, there’s a saying: "High Quality, Good Price, Fast Shipping: Pick two." Our top pick is High Quality, but we're also striking a balance with the price and speed. Our goal? A top-notch light metering tool that becomes a staple in gear bags for years. While we're still finalizing the price, we're aiming well below $1000 and will have a very special pre-order discount.

Questions or feedback? Reach out at hello@lit-systems.com. We'll add answers to frequent questions to this website. And if you've dropped us a line recently, we'll be in touch soon.

Lastly, we hope you like the video. It's a window into our creative spirit and work ethic at Lit Systems.

Stay lit!