Pre-orders opening
Wed July 10th 9AM EST

We have reached a milestone where we don’t foresee significant risks in the remainder of the project.

The funds will be used directly to streamline the design for industrial production and enable mass manufacturing.

LIT DUO 1 pre-order pricing will start at €514 (up to 40% off from retail price €849).

Campaign will go live here and will last for 25 days:

More relevant info and details will be listed on campaign page.

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Ready, Set, Summer!
One more thing

This update is an exciting one, even though overdue—our deepest apologies.
Thank you for your continuous support and patience!


We'll launch pre-orders this Summer, using the funds directly to streamline the design for industrial production and enable mass manufacturing.

The main costs will include tools for plastic injection molding, jigs for assembly/testing/calibration, and bulk purchasing of custom parts as well as standard components.

Pre-orders are set to open when the engineering of LIT DUO 1 will have reached a milestone where we don’t foresee any significant risks or surprises in the remainder of the project.
We aren't compromising on quality—in fact, we’re doing the opposite (see below)—while keeping the price under control.

The target retail price for LIT DUO 1 is €849 (incl. VAT) or $769. We will further reduce it if feasible during the production setup.

Achieving enough pre-orders is critical for mass production and delivery. We’ll offer a ~30-40% discount to early supporters. Pre-orders are estimated to open in ~2 Months.

In case we don't secure enough pre-orders, refunds will be issued, and the project will pause until alternative financing is found.


Development has taken longer than planned since we ran out of R&D funds some months ago, plus underwent changes in development team due to force majeure. We tried to raise investment money but didn’t succeed. To continue development, we took a loan, and also succeeded to overcome all other setbacks.

We have made excellent progress since then!
The product has been improved in many aspects, among other:

Part 3: One more thing
An additional product will be launched at the same time: LIT C1.
This is our response to your feedback, making color metering even more accessible.

How does LIT C1 compare to LIT DUO 1:

Target retail price for LIT C1 is €729 (incl. VAT) or $649.
We will further reduce it if feasible during the production setup.

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It's been almost 3 years since we set out our initial vision, and we’ve managed to reach and exceed it.
The project has had its ups and downs, but we feel great about the current status and future progress.

We have a senior development team together having more than 100 years of experience developing professional and/or consumer electronics products.

Thousands of you have subscribed and are patiently waiting for the next step. You are our biggest motivation.
We can’t wait to bring this product to your hands.

We appreciate your continued support and patience and are committed to being fully honest, open, and transparent with you.

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Pre-orders target late Q1-2024

Hi everyone!

Hope you're doing well and diving into fresh, exciting projects. A big thanks for the fantastic interest and unwavering support for LIT DUO 1. Your patience as we develop this means a lot.

Good news: We plan to kick off pre-orders in late Q1-2024. We'll share more about shipping closer to that date.

We're pushing hard to bring LIT DUO 1 to you. When crafting hardware, there’s a saying: "High Quality, Good Price, Fast Shipping: Pick two." Our top pick is High Quality, but we're also striking a balance with the price and speed. Our goal? A top-notch light metering tool that becomes a staple in gear bags for years. While we're still finalizing the price, we're aiming well below $1000 and will have a very special pre-order discount.

Questions or feedback? Reach out at We'll add answers to frequent questions to this website. And if you've dropped us a line recently, we'll be in touch soon.

Lastly, we hope you like the video. It's a window into our creative spirit and work ethic at Lit Systems.

Stay lit!