Why carry two mediocre products instead of one great one?

Check real user reviews of the popular traditional light meters. LIT DUO 1 fixes all their flaws.


  • "It's slow and it's embarrassing when clients are in front of you."
  • "Start up each time seems to take forever. While shooting I want to quickly grab a reading but have to turn On the meter and wait to go through menu etc."
  • "Felt like they put the slowest processor possible in this thing. Not fast enough to use on normal cine sets."
✓ Fixed

Hard to operate

  • "Touch display is unpredictable and you need to use both hands."
  • "Settings change while in my pocket or hanging around the neck. I then have to stop the flow of the session and change settings back."
  • "Touchscreen buttons are small and very easy to mis-touch. Don't respond smoothly or easily, even for thin fingers."
✓ Fixed


  • "Still haven't figured out the menu and controls. Manual seems like it is for another gadget"
  • "Metering isn't supposed to be this difficult/glitchy. Manual is written for someone with a degree from MIT."
  • "To this day, I have no idea how to add measurements to memory. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. A light meter should be easy to use and reliable."
✓ Fixed

Not robust

  • "It's made with a bunch of cheap plastic. I'm afraid if it gets dropped, I'll be out of some money."
  • "In a filmmaking environment I have to take too much care of it, anything can damage it."
  • "Wasn't really strong enough for professional work. I always had two and one would usually broke just outside the warranty period."
✓ Fixed

Size and feature comparison

Unlike traditional light meters, LIT DUO 1 opens up new creative possibilities. A single device now covers all essential features, powered by smart menu and Bluetooth connectivity.










Advanced functions





Measures Color Temp.






Measures Ambient Exposure







Measures Flash Exposure





Measures Illuminance




Measures Flicker








Durable build






Bluetooth connectivity








Long battery life